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Date Event Location Results
Summer Season
5/3 Non-SCCA Event PSU N/A
5/10 Test & Tune CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
5/24 Solo Event 1 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
6/6 Solo Event 2 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
6/7 Solo Event 3 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
6/21 Solo Event 4 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
6/28 Solo Event 5 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
7/11 Solo Event 6 (CKC) MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
7/12 Solo Event 7 (CKC) MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
7/11-12 CKC Combined MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/1 AM Test & Tune MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/1 PM Z/Fest MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/2 Solo Event 8 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/16 Solo Event 9 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
  Summer Season Points Champions
Fall Season
8/30 Solo Event 10 CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
9/13 Solo Event 11 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
9/27 Solo Event 12 CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
10/4 Solo Event 13 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
10/18 Solo Event 14 CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
10/24 Witches Rallye DIX Results
  Fall Season Points Champions