2020 Officers

Regional Executive – Jessica Black

Assistant Regional Executive – Cliff Moten

Treasurer – Jennifer Moten

Secretary – Dave DeVilbiss

2020 Chairs

Solo Chair – Chris Paveglio

Membership Chair – Steve Lower

Sponsorship Chair – Jennifer Moten

Printed Media Chair – Jennifer Moten

Voting and Bylaws Chair – Charlie Faris, Barry Duval

Road Rally Chair – Jessica Black

2020 Event Chiefs

Chief of Safety – Dave DeVilbiss

Chief of Novices – Ron Dotts

Chief of Information Technology – Cliff Moten

Chief of Supplies – Jessica Black, Jennifer Moten

Chief of Tech – Dave DeVilbiss, Ryan Lower

Chief of Registration/Scoring – Cliff Moten

Chief of Timing – Jessica Black,

Chief of Workers – Jennifer Moten

Chief of Waivers – Charlie Faris, Barry Duval

Other Important Positions

Historian – Dave Dix

CPI Liaison(s) – Jessica Black, Cliff Moten

MSA Liaison(s) – Jessica Black, Chris Pavegilo

NOTAMs Controller – Jennifer Moten

BOA Docs Controller – Jessica Black

Cone Killer Classic Team Lead – Jennifer Moten

Van Maintenance Controller – John Cuprisin, Chris Paveglio

Solo Safety Stewards

Jessica Black

Ryan Lower

Steve Lower

Jennifer Moten

Clifford Moten

Chris Paveglio

Road Rallye Safety

Jessica Black