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It is again time to elect CPR Club Officers for the upcoming 2016 season. The positions are: Regional Executive, Assistant Regional Executive, Secretary, and Treasurer. Those Officers then appoint “Chair” positions for the remaining committees, such as Solo Chair, Registrar, Waivers, Membership, Sponsorship, Web-social media, etc. If you would like to run for one of the four club Officer positions, please let me know so that you can be added to the upcoming ballot.

Our current Regional Exec., Jessica Black will likely run again if no one else wishes too, but the other three positions are stepping down, unless there is late breaking news I’m unaware of as of this date. That means we need new blood to keep the club viable and functioning. As a bonus benefit, your SCCA annual dues are paid for by the club, and you can be a part of how the future takes shape if you feel there are changes that need to take place.

Many of us wish to autocross, gimmick ralleye, and there are still some active road racers within our club, but without someone throwing their hat into the ring, we cannot function, so step up for a year and help lead the way. Many, many thanks to those currently in office and past officers for their tireless efforts to make this club successful and profitable every year.

At the November Club Meeting, you will get five minutes to express your platform, reasons for electing you, or just blab away, and then at the December Club Meeting you again may speak for five minutes, with the election to take place immediately thereafter. Beginning January those newly elected Officers will guide the club for the remainder of the 2016 year.

Here is your chance to step up and help run the all volunteer club, without such volunteer leadership the club does not exist. Don’t hesitate to step up just because you don’t know all there is to know, the current and former incumbents will be glad to assist and train you.

Please let me know ( email – your level of interest so I can announce it at the quickly upcoming November meeting. Hope to see you there at Hoss’s in State College, Tuesday, November 10th. Dig down deep and find the racer within to help the club function, and you’ll find leading is rewarding, character building, and fun.

Charlie Faris – Election “Chair” CPR-SCCA –

2015 Event Schedule

Date Event Location Results
Summer Season
5/3 Non-SCCA Event PSU N/A
5/10 Test & Tune CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
5/24 Solo Event 1 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
6/6 Solo Event 2 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
6/7 Solo Event 3 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
6/21 Solo Event 4 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
6/28 Solo Event 5 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
7/11 Solo Event 6 (CKC) MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
7/12 Solo Event 7 (CKC) MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
7/11-12 CKC Combined MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/1 AM Test & Tune MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/1 PM Z/Fest MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/2 Solo Event 8 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
8/16 Solo Event 9 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
Summer Season Points Champions
Fall Season
8/30 Solo Event 10 CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
9/13 Solo Event 11 CNB Summary Final PAX Raw
9/27 Solo Event 12 CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
10/4 Solo Event 13 MSA Summary Final PAX Raw
10/18 Solo Event 14 CPI Summary Final PAX Raw
10/24 Witches Rallye DIX Results
Fall Season Points Champions