Solo Locations

MSA – Mid-State Airport

Check the weather at the airport or the National Weather Service in State College.Directions to Mid-State AirportIf you know where Black Moshannon State Park is, then you’re all set because Airport Road is one mile west of the lake. It has a large wooden sign at the intersection with PA 504, plus a large white sign for Harpster. Take Airport Rd for about a mile and then turn left onto – get ready for this – Airport Rd. Follow this to the end. The building opposite the out-of-service helicopter is the terminal for Mid-State Airport.If you’ve never been to the park:from the East or West on Interstate 80
Get off on the exit for Alternate 220 South (Milesburg) which is Exit 158. Go south about 6 miles until you come to Unionville. Take a right onto PA 504 west … watch for a brown sign for Black Moshannon State Park. Note that PA 504 is called Allegheny St in Unionville. Follow PA 504 for about 13 miles. One mile after the state park (and crossing a lake), Airport Rd is on your left.from the East on Rte 322Take 322 out of State College (still going west) until it meets Alternate 220. Take Alt. 220 north about 5 miles to the little village of Julian. Turn left onto Beaver Rd. There’s a white sign saying “BEAVER” on a telephone pole. There’s also a sign for Black Moshannon State Park. Take Beaver until it dead-ends into PA 504 (about 9 miles). Turn left, cross the lake, and go one mile. Airport Rd will be on the left.from the West via PhilipsburgTake 322 east from the center of town and then turn left onto PA 504 east. (I’m 99% sure that there’s a sign for Black Moshannon State Park where you turn onto PA 504, but haven’t had a chance to verify this.) Follow PA 504 for about 7 miles. Airport Rd will be on the right. If you come to a lake, you are one mile too far.from the South on Interstate 99At the end of 99, you have a choice. One option is go up 220 north, skipping the turns for 322 west and 322/220 east, going 5 more miles staying on Alt. 220 until you reach the village of Julian. Then follow the directions for “from the East on Rte 322” above. Your other option is to go straight through the light at the end of 99 onto PA 350 and take it to Philipsburg. Then follow the directions for “from the West via Philipsburg.” I’d say this was a coin-flip.Printable version of map (PDF)

CPI – Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology

The CPI location is at the Centre County Public Safety Training Center in Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania.