Meet a Member – Cliff Moten

Let’s meet a guy who hasn’t been doing this for 20 years.  A guy who went from novice to serious competitor in record time.  Meet Cliff Moten.

How do you make a living?

Cliff is currently a System Administrator III at Penn State Outreach

How long have you been autocrossing?

3 1/2 yearscliff

Favorite car you’ve owned

2013 Focus ST, I’m still not tired of this car!

Car you wished you never had

A 2012 VW Jetta that was so slow

What do you remember about your first autox?

The nutty offset shutes that threw me off EVERY run

What was your proudest autox moment?

Top PAX of the day on 8/24/14 the SAME day I quit nicotine 😮

what is one of your secrets to autox success?

Have fun, you can’t lose then!

What goes through your mind during a run?

I try to clear my mind

If you were starting all over again what would you do differently?

Nothing, you learn from your mistakes (maybe never buy those Hankook RS3’s that were a disappointment)

What advice would you give to a newbie?

Have fun!

Best venue where you have run?

I like everywhere I’ve ran and each location is unique which I am a-ok with

When you are not auto crossing how do you spend your time? 

Family, computers, working on my cars

What other SCCA events have you been in beyond solo?

Road Rallye

Have you participated in other motorsports? if so, which?

Drag racing many many years ago

Do you follow professional motorsports? If so, which?

World rallycross somethimes, F1 sometimes

favorite food?

tomato and spinach pizza

favorite quote?

The Future’s uncertain and the end is always near’ – The Doors

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