2016 Witches Rallye

For over 40 years the Central PA Region SCCA puts on the Witches Rallye where teams compete by decoding a route around the county collecting clues dressed in costume.  Part road rally, part scavenger hunt, and part fund raiser this event successfully raises money for a local charity.

This year the event collected $91 and 112 lbs of food donations for the Centre County Food Bank.
The proceeds from the event were donated to the Burrows Street Youth Haven in State College.

First Place Team

(Steve Gaddy and navigator)

Second Place Team

(Chris Paveglio and Amanda)

Third Place Team

(Edward Fisher and navigator)

Best Individual Costume


Best Team Costume

(Gregory Klup and Lori Wright) Imagine they are Cruella de Vil and her dog…they removed the winning costumes prior to the photo

Check out the detailed results

Check out the full flyer